Milly Millions

Gank - Technician - Cyber Tech


A gray plasteel mask covers the svelte young Gank’s face. Purple and blue robes cover the length of her obvious cybernetic arm.

Obligation: Failed Installation 5


Most Ganks are obsessed with cybernetics, and Milly is no exception. From a young age, Milly wanted to become an expert on cybernetics. In fact, Milly aspires to be the foremost expert on cybernetics in the galaxy. Growing up in a Gank family, if you can call it that, one was only worth what mercenary work you could bring in. The idea of sending ones children off to an Academy or School of Science or Medicine was not only unheard of but laughable. So Milly did only what seemed natural, she had a neural cybernetic implanted to help her learn the art. She recorded 1000’s of hours of implant procedures, diagnostics, and cybernetic construction theory to slowly train herself. At this point she didn’t believe there was anything she couldn’t have come across before and was ready to venture out on her own. Armed with all she needed she only needed her first patient.

Unfortunately, one of her earlier attempts at installing cybernetics was disastrous. A rich young noble from Coruscant named Jos Mendrigar, ‘slumming it’ in the Blue Sector, came to Milly to have her install a voice box in him that would make him an excellent singer. The surgery resulted in a severed jugular and the boy passed away, rendering Milly a mix of laughingstock and cautionary tale in the cybernetics community, as well as starting the boy’s father Aario on a manhunt for the person responsible for his son’s death. Mr Mendrigar had contacts in the Imperial government, and enough money to afford private detectives. Smartly, Milly closed her little cybernetics shop and quietly looked for work elsewhere in Blue Sector.

Determined to make up for her mistake, Milly met up with Viceroy Scum, an aspiring human gangster rapper not too dissimilar from Jos. Convincing him that she could make him a galaxy-renowned star, Milly installed a new, custom built voice module that allowed him to not only broadcast his voice easily to a crowd, but ensure his voice was always in an exciting and entertaining pitch. Milly now works with Viceroy Scum to record each of his performances and keep up maintenance on the “somewhat” shoddy voice module she designed, while she works on improving the design. Her hope is to prove to the galaxy that she can not only create amazing cybernetics, but unlike her first attempt this one would not just speak, but become one of the most famous singers in the galaxy – with HER voice powering him.

Milly Millions

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