Viceroy Scum

Human - Colonist - Performer


Gangly, thin human. Various tattoos with symbols of his old gang crossed out along his neck, the only one remaining intact depicting the clenched fist of a wookie.

Obligation Criminal 5


Viceroy was born to a wealthy family on Coruscant. As such, he was poised to become a wealthy businessman, politician, doctor, or any number of other careers after graduating from school. Unfortunately, his father was almost entirely absent and his mother too busy drinking or carousing with his various ‘uncles’. Without proper guidance, Viceroy fell in with a bad crowd, mostly non-humans from the underworld of Coruscant, where he would end up spending most of his time as a young adult. Instead of a more steady and lucrative career, Viceroy took to the world of performance, becoming a well-known local rapper in the gang scene of Coruscant, and joining the Coruscant Cleavers. His work was actually quite good, and he even gained some notoriety on other core worlds.

His parents, furious with his choices, cut him off from his previously overflowing bank account and kicked him out of their home. Forced to live in the underworld full time, the cracks started to grow in his relationships with fellow gang members. After all, Viceroy wasn’t used to having such low standards of living or income and always thinking himself superior to the other members. The gang severed ties with the “rich boy viceroy” and declared him an enemy of the gang after he commented to the leader of the Cleavers how his apartment was “quaint, like our servants’ quarters.” With criminals on his tail and his ego still very intact, apparently unable to learn humility, Viceroy set off to Corellia to establish his own gang, convinced he would be a superior leader and eventually come back to Coruscant to rule the underworld there and get back his old levels of income, HIS way.

Viceroy knew his best asset was his skill on the stage, but his voice left something to be desired. That was fixed in a hurry without even having to pay much when he met up with Milly Millions, who offered to not only install an awesome new voice box for him, but make sure it kept working beautifully and record all his shows for the holonet. After that it wasn’t hard to find an agent, meeting and hitting it off with fellow down-on-their-luck rich guy Nisk Huhr. Together, the two could help each other. Nisk would help Viceroy get bigger and better gigs across the galaxy, and Viceroy would allow Nisk to use his shows as a front for smuggling operations. They agreed to take over the Corellian underworld together, and dubbed themselves “The Wrruushi Clan”. Viceroy figured the Black Sun having one over on Nisk was a temporary setback, and one they could eventually overcome…

Viceroy Scum

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