Dax Colton

Human - Smuggler - Pilot - Force Sensitive


Amber-colored skin, a large tattoo over his right eye, otherwise average build.

Obligation: Betrayal 15

Special Dax Mechanics

Dax has a hard time controlling when he slips back into his training. Whenever Dax enters combat via Vigilance, he rolls a discipline check of the GM’s choosing based on the stressfulness of the current situation. When Dax fails this check, he reverts to his training. Mechanically speaking, this means that Dax loses one point in his willpower characteristic as well as all points in all social skills. He goes to 4 points each in brawn, melee, and ranged (light). This lasts until the stressor has been resolved, at the GM’s discretion. In addition, when Dax’s obligation has been rolled, discipline checks to avoid reverting receive . In addition, the GM may trigger Dax to revert at their discretion outside of combat if the situation makes sense.


Dax Colton wasn’t born with a name, that was simply what he chose to call himself, and what his forged identification documents say. In reality, Dax Colton was born DC-39, a test tube child for an experiment conducted by the Imperial military as they attempted to create blindly obedient super soldiers. The training was extensive, if brutal. Dax was trained as an assassin, someone who could conduct deep cover operations without even knowing who he was working for, and ‘activated’ when necessary to use his extensive hand to hand combat skills to exterminate anyone nearby. In fact, he was trained to not remember a thing from his activation, to provide a soldier literally incapable of betraying the empire.

For the most part, these experiments went horribly wrong, resulting in broken human beings discarded when they couldn’t live up to the emperor’s high standards. DC-39 was an exception, and was one of only a handful ever deployed for a field operation. Dax had been sent to a corporation known to be sympathizing with the rebels, and was given a job as the personal pilot of the Viceprex, one Bhrader Sark, with whom he became close friends. The night of his activation, he was invited to dinner at the home of his friend, spending the night with him as well as his wife and children. The carnage was horrible. Dax’s training had been meant to be used on those capable of defending themselves aggressively, and while this was true for the Viceprex it was not true for his family. The empire hadn’t prepared these soldiers mentally for the possibility of committing such horrendous acts as killing children, and Dax’s latent force sensitivity allowed his screaming, real self to take his body back over while he was crushing the throat of Sark’s only son, the cries of his daughter filling the room as she cowered in the corner.

Horrified, Dax cleaned himself up and ran. His skills as a deep cover agent allowed him to secure transport off the planet, as well as fake identification with a name, a name that for once – he chose. Now aware of exactly what the empire had been doing to him, Dax just wanted to get away, to STAY away from them and keep himself from hurting anyone else. He made his way to Corellia, where he was able to disappear in the bustle of a core world, and where work was plentiful, if hard to find given his lack of a track record. Dax’s first job was a simple one: be the driver for a local musician, one big in the gangster rap scene. Simple enough, though Dax hoped beyond hope that the security detail assigned alongside him would be able to handle any disturbances. He wasn’t quite sure how he’d react if thrown into a violent situation, now that whatever had been controlling him all those years was gone.

Dax Colton

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