Groola the Hutt


Large, ugly, a slug. He’s a Hutt alright.


One of the only Hutts operating in the Core Worlds, Groola has run the black market on Corellia for over 30 years. With the Corelia run and so much of a spacefaring tradition on the planet, much cargo inevitably passes through the system, and Groola takes his cut of virtually everything with even a hint of controversy.

Groola has managed to operate by carefully bribing the right officials and taking great pains not to step on the Empire’s toes, and insisting he is not a typical member of the Hutt species. He has elected to deepen his control rather than expand it, and as a result actually owns more than a few entirely legitimate businesses as more than just fronts for his illegal operations. He works hard to present an image as a minor crime boss, not worth a major investigation, and quietly bribes or eliminates any who do much more than scratch that surface.

Groola the Hutt

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