Pit Buda

Drall, Performer


A well-kempt Drall male, always wearing a suit.


Pit Buda was one of the hottest pop stars in the core for years. That is, until he started to sink on the charts and got himself addicted to all manner of drugs. After a stint in rehab, Pit insists he has cleaned up his act and wants to get back into the game. The only problem? He outright refuses to do any of his old songs, saying that ‘shallow, corporate bullshit’ is what landed him with a drug problem in the first place. He wanted to make real art, something with passion and grit. Much to the chagrin of his fan-base, he turned his skills to gangster rap!

None of his old production companies would touch his new persona, so Pit started working on his own, starting over from the ground floor (albeit with a hefty bank account and regular royalty payments). He is now signed on as the opening act for the Wrruushi Clan as they do their “Scumback” tour on Corellia. The Clan treats him like shit, but he figures that is just the cost of initiation for being someone clearly on the outside of this world. Eager to learn how the underworld and the gangster rap scene work, Pit spends as much time as he can manage with the Clan, even forgoing life in his upscale apartment in Coronet to stay with them at The Dingbat.

Pit Buda

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