Saandar Fos

Human, Leader of the Lucky Gentlemen


Wears a patch over his right eye, and is covered in various tattoos. Sports a pointed goatee, and always wears a yellow cape.


Saandar Fos is a name feared across the Blue Sector, and even his closest business contacts find meeting with him to be a deeply uncomfortable experience. Saandar is known for slipping between an manic but happy demeanor and a raging, extremely violent one. Those who deal with him do their best to keep words to a minimum and to keep him calm, though Saandar famously makes that difficult. Even outside of personal interactions Saandar is extremely vengeful. He has anyone who crosses his Lucky Gentlemen executed, almost always in the dead of night with no witnesses and varying manners of death that are as eccentric as Saandar himself.

Almost always accompanied by Whisper Raine

Saandar Fos

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