Seela Tann

Twi'lek - Rising Stars Representative


Tall, blue skinned Twi’lek woman, always dressed in a well-cared for Rising Stars uniform in her office in Coronet Heights.


Seela Tann is a low level Black Sun executive on Corellia. Recently she was charged with taking over the gun smuggling business of Nisk Huhr, a local ‘entrepreneur’ who looked like he’d make an excellent ‘employee’ but who needed to become desperate enough to work for the Sun. Working with his estranged brother Dusska, she scuttled a deal Nisk was making with Groola the Hutt. In the subsequent chaos, she had her men on the ground burn down Nisk’s local warehouse, forcing the Devaronian into desperation and debt in order to survive.

Seela and the Black Sun acted as an angel to Nisk at his lowest, gifting him enough credits to save his business and start again, but demanding a slice of all his future business in return. Left with little choice, Nisk accepted and became a vassal of the Black Sun. Left largely to his own devices as long as he kept in touch and kept handing over a cut of his earnings. From time to time Seela would help Nisk out with contacts and jobs, usually when a job was too small or dangerous for the Sun to bother with it.

A few weeks ago, Nisk came to Seela with an idea: start up an entertainment company, and use legitimate gangster rap venues as backdrops for black market deals. It would provide him with a means to launder money, as well as an easy way to transport illicit goods from place to place without raising suspicion. It was a strange idea, but a good one considering the talent he’d already recruited. Seela agreed, and put together a motley crew that owed the Black Sun favors to act as the rap group’s crew. She also formed the ‘Rising Stars’, a talent agency that would make it easy for Nisk to funnel her share of all earnings back to her.

Seela Tann

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