Wade Torkin

Human, CorSec Captain


Ruggedly handsome, with a small patch of hair under his bottom lip. Short cropped brown hair, with the sides shaven.


Wade was an intimidating presence, known for bringing harsh justice to bear and making a show of it. Of course, everyone knows this is just a show to cover up the fact that he’s on the take from every major criminal outfit in Blue Sector, and he rarely if ever catches a ‘big fish’. He’s fine with the fact that this means he’ll likely never ascend past captain, knowing he makes far more this way than if he went legit. He also firmly believes himself to be smarter than any CorSec agent with scruples because of this.

Years ago he attempted to convince his partner Tex Machismo of the superiority of corruption, that bad guys will always exist and they don’t make enough to justify the risk of policing them, so why not make money off of it? He couldn’t get through to him. When it looked like Tex might rat him out to the higher ups, Wade used his connections to make sure he was relocated to rural Agrilat. His partners since haven’t had a ‘problem’ with how he conducts himself. His current partner is Hibbs, who shares Wade’s worldview to a much higher degree than Tex did.

Wade Torkin

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