Zolissa Halo

Human, CorSec Deputy Chief


Straight black hair and a look that oozes “No Nonsense”, Zolissa projects an atmosphere of authority around her.


Deputy Chief of CorSec’s Coronet City branch, Zolissa rose through the ranks as an exemplar of by-the-book virtue. Her only slip was an affair with officer Tex Machismo, a mistake that has haunted her since Wade Torkin caught wind of it and acquired hard evidence. He not only forced her to transfer Tex to far off Agrilat, but had Zolissa set him up as agent in charge of Blue Sector. The area was now rife with corruption, a fact that drove Zolissa mad and a problem she could do nothing about as long as Wade had everything he needed to blow up her career.

Zolissa Halo

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