Tag: Slugthrower Six


  • Baader M'Huf

    A former slave of Groola the Hutt of Tyrena on Corellia, Baader managed to escape his bonds by constructing a bomb to blow his cell's ceiling out, using a directed explosion to ensure he cleared the earth off Groola's underground chambers all the way to …

  • Sara Janrand

    Sara was a gangster that constantly used her good looks against her enemies. Anyone who knew her knew damned well not to react to her advances, lest they want to end up in a ditch or on the bad end of a deal they shouldn't have taken. Current …

  • Sal’Orin

    Sal'Orin led most of the major drug deals the Six pulled. It is rumored that he's been pulled into another criminal organization since the Six were forcibly disbanded, but no one yet knows who picked him up.

  • Neeshik

    Neeshik was the bane of anyone who opposed the Six, particularly [[:joe | Tex Machismo]], whose efforts to thwart the gang were often broken up by sniper fire. Anyone who got close to one of the jobs the Six were pulling was sure to be killed by Neeshik, …

  • Eddic Rodir

    Former member of the Slugthrower Six and Tex's arch nemesis, Eddic was the trigger man that killed his family. Current whereabouts unknown.

  • Vashi Kord

    If the Six ever needed to case a joint, make a contact on the inside using smooth talk rather than force, or execute a stealthier job, Vashi was their go-to. The jobs she was most heavily involved in tended to be those that attracted the least attention, …