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The PC Cast

Viceroy Scum 0-5
Nisk Huhr 6-10
Tex Machismo 11-20
Baader M’Huf 21-30
Milly Millions 31-35
Dax Colton 36-50

The Business

Club Tails
The Wrruushi Clan Clunker

Obligations & Motivations

Viceroy Scum

Obligation: Coruscant Cleavers after him for insulting them/leaving, also a massive philanderer who more likely than not has a child floating out there.
Motivation: Gain galactic fame and establish himself as a true gangster.

Nisk Huhr

Obligation: Owes the black sun for the desperate loan he took, and the help they’ve given him in restarting his criminal activities
Motivation: Start a semi-legitimate business enterprise (read: mafia) and eventually own a pleasure resort on his own moon.

Tex Machismo

Obligation: Owes Black Sun for replacing his arm
Motivation: Kill the remaining slugthrowers for murdering his family and squash other gangs who practice that kind of chaos and violence.

Baader M’Huf

Obligation: Escaped from Groola’s place as a slave, Groola may still be looking for him
Motivation: Keep others from having to experience the bonds of slavery

Milly Millions

Obligation: Family of the man she killed is after her, rival cybertechs try to mess her up for lulz since she embarassed herself
Motivation: Gain as much expertise with cybernetics as possible, gain renown as the galaxies pre-eminent cybernetics specialist

Dax Colton

Obligation: The Empire is after their secret weapon, with no idea where it is…
Motivation: Find somewhere and something to belong to, and learn to control himself and his powers

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