The Wrruushi Clan Clunker


Another heap drawn from the pit and fixed up by Seela Tann and Huhr Nisk, the Clunker was a VERY old Personnel Transport that had seen better days. It had plenty of room for passengers and equipment though, so it fit the group’s needs. They just had to hope that the wheels wouldn’t prove to much of an issue. It also only barely fit on board the Jaggalor

The Clunker

Silhouette 3
Speed 2
Handling -2
No defense, No armor
HT 8
SS 4

Sensors: None
Crew: One Pilot/One Copilot
Encumbrance Capacity (without passengers): 100
Encumbrance Capacity (with the Clan): 60
Passenger Capacity: 4-15
Hard Points: 3
Weapons: None

The Wrruushi Clan Clunker

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