Bane 'The Hutt' Lora

Human Leader of the Killrelians


Tall and well built, Bane is clearly a brute.


There are two ways to make it in the underworld: Cunning and Brawn. Bane used the latter to gain control of his own gang. He had an intense dislike, but grudging respect, for Nisk Huhr as he had used softer skills to accomplish something on par with the killrellians. Nisk’s recent difficulties have only reinforced Bane’s view that force is the best way to maintain control, and this is reflected in his brutal style of leadership.

He has taken to calling himself “The Hutt of Blue Sector”, something which Groola (who supplies most of the guns the killrellians sell from off world) takes as a minor slight.

Bane 'The Hutt' Lora

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