Baader M'Huf

Klatooinian - Hired Gun - Demolitionist


Skinny by Klatooinian standards, Baader stands a head taller than the average human and wears a bright red jacket signifying him as an event employee of the Wrruushi Clan.


A former slave of Groola the Hutt of Tyrena on Corellia, Baader managed to escape his bonds by constructing a bomb to blow his cell’s ceiling out, using a directed explosion to ensure he cleared the earth off Groola’s underground chambers all the way to the surface. Baader had paid a ship every credit he’d scraped together over many years to take him off planet that night, and the plan was for him and his cell mate Jenx to get there before Groola’s guard knew what had happened. The explosion worked, and the two would have had time to slip away as planned had Jenx not betrayed Baader, thinking he was better off a loyal and reliable slave than a free Klatooinian. Baader, surprised, was actually able to fight off Jenx and the guards above ground, who had been stunned by his larger than expected bomb. Unfortunately, the ship was not waiting for him, likely it had been tipped off that Groola knew of the plan.

Desperate, Baader went into hiding, eventually joining up with a rural swoop gang who promised they could protect him if he helped them rise to prominence. They taught Baader how to ride, and he taught them to make explosives, using them to rob banks all around rural Corellia using nothing but explosives and slugthrowers. They dubbed themselves the Slugthrower Six. Baader never liked crime, but given his situation there was little he could do, figuring Groola would never stop looking for him and that at least with the six he was safe. That was, until he was arrested. Tex Machismo managed to blow the engine out of his swoop bike while running from a job, and took him in. Baader refused to rat on the six, sitting in a jail cell for weeks before he realized the ugly truth: they weren’t coming, and they weren’t loyal to him. Hell, Tex was the nicest person he’d ever met, and Tex was the one who’d arrested him! Angry and wanting revenge, Baader told Tex about a huge swoop race coming up, where the six and a bunch of other swoop gangs would be.

While Tex was off to infiltrate the race, Baader was able to escape, having been collecting enough scraps of metal and chemicals from his daily meals and exercise to build a small explosive. As he made his way off, again on his own and wondering how he’d get his start away from Groola, Baader heard and saw the chaos a few miles away. Tex had started a huge battle among the various clans. Baader knew Tex couldn’t survive that carnage, and made for the swamp in hopes of rescuing him. Lucky for Tex, he got his chance, able to yank Tex out of the way of a speeder bike that was plummeting towards him, and losing only an arm rather than dying. He was able to get his friend to the hospital, but left quickly and quietly, not wanting any bad attention. A few weeks later, Tex managed to find him in a bar in some other little Corellian town. Tex was no longer sporting a badge, and thanked Baader for saving his life, even going as far as to offer him a job running security for a musician in Coronet City. Sounded like some legit work, and after a few shows Baader’s explosives skills were put to good use doing pyrotechnics as well. Maybe Baader would finally be able to have some normalcy now. Maybe…

Baader M'Huf

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