Tex Machismo

Human - Colonist - Marshall


Has a tattoo of the chamber of a six shooter on his upper arm, one chamber crossed out with a red X.

Obligations Debt 5, Frontier Justice 5


Tex was the local law in a small town near Agrilat, a swampy region on the northern continent of Corellia where swoop gangers regularly held races. Those swoop gangers were called the Slugthrower Six, and were the bane of Tex’s existance, constantly antagonizing and thwarting him. Tex lost friends, he lost family, both to the deadly attacks of the Six to get vengeance on the local law man, as well as to the distance he laid between himself and those close to him as he steadily became more obsessed with dismantling the gang and bringing them to justice by whatever means necessary.

Tex managed to capture Baader M’Huf, one of the swoop racers in the Six. Baader didn’t have seem to be very loyal to the Six, moreso a man caught up with the wrong crowd. He agreed to tell Tex everything he could in exchange for lenience, and Tex agreed. He told Tex about one of the most infamous races the Six had ever organized was the very next day, and helped Tex plan an attack. Tex thought he had his chance to strike, to bring them all to justice. Unfortunately, a rival gang saw an opportunity to strike as well, hitting both the town and the race with force. During the carnage, Baader managed to escape the local jail, and came to the race. Whether this was to help the Six, or to help him, Tex can never be sure. All he knows is that Baader saved his life, shoving him out of the way of a speeding swoop that only sheared off Tex’s arm rather than impaling him.

Tex blacked out shortly after his arm left him, and when he awoke, he had a new one. Awakening in a Black Sun facility, Tex was informed that he’d gotten himself tied up in Black Sun business, and proven himself useful in the process. They informed him that they’d replaced his arm with a cybernetic, and that they wanted him to work for them as a low level member of the Sun. To ensure his loyalty just in case he would not accept their generous offer, they build an explosive device into his arm that would kill him if the Sun were to detonate it. Seeing he had little choice, Tex started to work for the Sun, making his disdain for the organized criminal outfit clear. The Sun don’t have much use for unwilling servants, and began placing Tex on the least pleasant jobs they could.

In the meantime, Tex made contact with Baader and the two became close. Tex tattoo’d the Slugthrower Six logo on his arm, intending to cross off each barrel as he confirmed the deaths of each member. Having befriended one, Tex forgave Baader of his past and crossed out his X first, hoping he’d find information on more soon. Tex’s most recent assignment was to report to Seela Tann, a Black Sun agent posing as the head of a talent agency representing gangsters looking to get into the entertainment industry. He was to provide protection to an obnoxious Coruscan human with a ‘gang’ he called the Wruushi Clan. One evening, while Baader was complaining of being out of work, Tex got the brilliant idea to bring him on board as both additional security and pyrotechnics, knowing Baader had a small penchant for blowing things up. Seela agreed, and the two now work as part of the Wruushi Clan’s crew.

Tex Machismo

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