Nisk Huhr

Devaronian - Colonist - Entrepreneur


A Devaronian with bright red skin and large horns, always wearing some garish jewelry.

Obligation Criminal 5


Nisk Huhr is a relentlessly greedy underworld gangster that has fallen on hard times. A seasoned gun dealer, Nisk had been doing solid business on Corellia for years until recently. During a recent deal, his brother Dusska took it upon himself to botch it and finally get revenge on Nisk for a childhood slight he’d been carrying a grudge about for decades. As can be imagined, his clients did not take well to the deal going south. Nisk didn’t have the money to keep his guards employed at his warehouse, and when they stopped showing up the client (or at least, Nisk assumes it was the client) simply stole everything Nisk had and leveled the place. Forced to sell his assets and still in massive debt, Nisk was desperate.

Nisk got by on the profits from a side venture he’d started awhile back, a Twi’lek dating site on the holonet called Tentacle, in memory of an old Twi’lek fling of his. He ran the small office of this enterprise out of the only place he could afford: a single room in the back of a Twi’lek strip club called Club Tails, sat in the Blue Sector of Corellia. Nisk had quite the attraction to Twi’leks and still held a special place in his heart for them after losing his first love, Xadia, to slavers a long time ago. As such, he also felt quite strongly about Twi’lek slavery. He even went so far as to release some of the girls held against their will at Club Tails after finding out that not all of the talent was paid, and even gave them jobs at Tentacle where they would pose as available girls, baiting men into 10-credits-per-message chats. So far, the Club’s Chiss owner Rotth’ur’nolagodo didn’t suspect Nisk but was angrily seeking out whoever it was that freed his property.

Utterly humiliated by his current state and wanting nothing more than to rise from these ashes to become a business tycoon so rich he could purchase his own moon, Nisk jumped when he was approached by the Black Sun with an offer: Take enough credits to pay his debt and get his business off the ground again, and pay the Sun a percentage of his earnings in perpetuity. How could he say no?

Nisk set about his days in Club Tails thinking of ways to get a new, extremely profitable business going now that he’d lose a percentage of everything he earned. One of those days, a performer named Viceroy Scum was rapping in a bar across the street, and Nisk was amazed at the size and energy of the crowd he gathered. He remembered the young man from his gun dealing days, when he bought some weapons from the performer’s old gang leader on Coruscant. Even back then, he’d thought the kid had talent. That gave him an idea: why not serve as his ‘agent’? An entertainment tour would make an excellent cover for smuggling.

The two hit it off, both used to be rich and were down on their luck, able to commiserate at length. It didn’t take long for Nisk to get Viceroy bigger and bigger gigs, at which point convincing the Black Sun to back them was easy. They fronted him a shoestring budget with which to buy equipment, which he used to buy The Jaggalor and The Wrruushi Clan Clunker, as well as some upgraded equipment and hollowed out speakers for shipping. He hired on Dax Colton with what little remained, and Seela sent him Tex Machismo and Baader M’Huf, though she made it clear Nisk would have to start paying them himself after the first few weeks.

Nisk Huhr

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