Tag: Lucky Gentlemen


  • Saandar Fos

    Saandar Fos is a name feared across the Blue Sector, and even his closest business contacts find meeting with him to be a deeply uncomfortable experience. Saandar is known for slipping between an manic but happy demeanor and a raging, extremely violent …

  • Whisper Raine

    Known around Blue Sector as "Saandar's Shadow", though none would dare to say as much in front of anyone in the Lucky Gentlemen, Whisper rarely leaves Saandar's side and is widely rumored to be his lover as well as his number two.

  • Lux

    Lux runs a series of high-stakes gambling rings in the Blue Sector, kicking a portion of all proceeds to the Lucky Gentlemen, for whom he works and whose establishments he operates his rotating games in. Through a combination of sheer skill and the …