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  • Union Street

    [[Main Page | Main]] > [[Corellia | Corellia]] [[File:633827 | class=media-item-align-center | union_street_page_image.jpg]] The Union Street gang is an all-female, all-Corellian-Human swoop gang headquartered out of the Union Street Spaceport in …

  • Dusska

    Duuska was a smuggler baron who tired of the constant back and forth of smuggling life as well as the need to constantly deal with non-humans, whom she saw universally as lesser beings. Settling down on Corellia and using her crew to take over the Union …

  • Abrax

    No one knows much about her past, other than that Abrax bounced around the outer rim for years before joining up with Duuska's smuggler gang. She rose through the ranks to second in command and is now Duuska's lieutenant, bodyguard, and chief enforcer.