Don't Call It A Scumback


Unbeknownst to the PCs, the Killrellians have caught wind of their attempts to get back into the market. They’ve moved in on this turf and are going to aggressively defend it, using their corrupt CorSec allies to squash the competition without even needing to do anything themselves. As the PCs do a deal with the Black Sun to deliver weapons to a client in Coronet, the Killrellians tip off Wade, who brings the full force of his Blue Sector CorSec squad down on them to search them and take the shipment. They will deliver it to a Killrellian warehouse in Blue Sector in exchange for a large payoff. The goods should remain in the warehouse for several days if the PCs don’t make it clear that they know where it is, but their delivery is supposed to happen at their next show so they will need to get the goods back by then or risk losing out on their first opportunity to make this business work.

The PCs begin at the first stop of Viceroy Scum’s Scumback Tour, the Fel Swoop. Dax and Nisk are out back, waiting near the Clunker for Seela Tann to show up with a shipment of weaponry and contact information for a buyer. Viceroy Scum is ready to take the stage, Tex and Baader are working security, and Milly makes her way through the thick of the crowd to craft an ‘organic experience’ video of Viceroy’s craft.

A middle aged Drall in a brown suit and gray shirt receives what can only be described as a mixed reaction for his rap performance, with equal parts of the crowd ambivalent, smiling, or shaking their heads in disappointment. A steady stream of disaffected viewers leave the venue, passing posters that read “Pit Buda Returns!” under the face of a young human man, the name “Viceroy Scum: The Scumback Tour” emblazoned across the top.

“Thank you, ladies and gentle-dudes! That’s all for your favorite gangsta Drall. We know what you really came for! He’s the man speakin’ that golden voice to power, the man spittin’ hot blasta’ rhymes that could knock a star destroyer from the sky! Make! Some! Noise! For ya boy, Viiiiiicerooooooy Scuuuuum!”

Act One – The Raid

As Viceroy takes the stage, the crowd at this venue is for an audience with 2 pres, 1 cool, and pit buda causing some to leave. He’ll have to do really well to win them over. If threat is rolled, see the table in Performances – Mechanics and More to determine results. If it doesn’t roll, use a dark side point to trigger Kriffing Scumbag! by a Killrellian enforcer who runs out the back door ASAP. This is to ensure the PCs know to stay on their toes at performances!

Black Sun Deal

Seela Tann meets with Nisk and Dax outside of the venue after the initial encounter inside. This event is happening simultaneously with those inside. Her men are unloading several crates of blaster pistols from a truck as we start:

“Alright Nisk” a tall, blue-skinned Twi’lek woman orders “consider this the last of your loan. From here on out you’re on your own for material support unless you’d like to owe us even more.” She points to several crates her men are unloading from a truck. “There are about 50 modified blaster pistols here. We’ve also got these” She produces a small case, setting it on top of the crates and popping it open to reveal ten gray spheres “Thermal detonators. I don’t think I need to tell you how badly you don’t want to be caught with these.” She snaps the case shut. “Your buyer’s name is Torbock. He’s going to meet you at your show next week, be ready with the goods in the eastern alley alongside Club Tails. He should be bringing 70,000 credits with him. After that, you should have enough money to get your business back off the ground.” She smiles, putting an arm on Nisk’s shoulder. “Don’t forget, Nisk: On any revenue your business makes, you’ll owe us a 10% royalty for our… generosity in getting you up and running again. We hope this can be the beginning of a profitable partnership.”

If the PCs question her further, she will press that they are not to contact her for assistance unless they expect to pay for it. The Thermals are worth 2k each and the blasters 1k each. They are each installed with a custom actuating module for additional damage. If used, they act as a standard blaster pistol that does one additional damage and always rolls a . The blaster cases are 5 cases of 10 blasters, which are 5 encumbrance each. The thermal detonator case is just one encumbrance, about the size of a briefcase.

After the deal is done, a Killrellian inside the venue that has been loitering in the back alley calls it in, letting the cops know to be ready. If the PCs look around for someone, they can try a perception check to see someone slipping out of the alley back into the venue. They hang out inside for a few minutes, eventually firing a shot at the stage from near the door. People start running in the chaos, and the multitude of calls to CorSec are intercepted by Wade who heads there immediately. If the PCs have waylaid the killrellian signal man, the police don’t get there until the second enforcer (the bouncer) realizes something has gone wrong and sends the signal late, once the show is over and everything is loaded up. This results in CorSec pulling the PCs over as they leave, and adds an additional to their perception check since equipment is fully loaded.

Note: Failing their perception check may make it seem like the PCs have lost, but getting their stuff back will be substantially easier in Act 2 if the clunker is taken to the warehouse, as they won’t have to sneak it in!

Sirens blare as half a dozen CorSec cruisers and swoops surround the bus from all sides, blue and red lights streaming against the neighboring buildings. CorSec officers dismount their vehicles as the lead car’s passenger door opens and a tall gray-haired human emerges, wearing glasses and chewing on something as he approaches the group. “Hello gentlemen… we had some calls about a disturbance… hope everything is ok!”

Wade will make small talk, particularly with Tex, and insist his men search the vehicle for their own safety. He won’t take no for an answer. CorSec officers will make an appropriate perception check against the PCs efforts to hide the goods. If they pass, they simply take the goods and tell the PCs they have been warned, and not to get into the weapons business, since it is so dangerous. If they don’t find anything, Wade will eventually go himself and plant some lesai in the vehicle. CorSec will pretend to have another officer find it. For that, he’ll be forced to impound the whole vehicle and search it. They tell the PCs they can come get it in a few days from CorSec headquarters after it has been thoroughly searched for any other contraband. As long as the PCs don’t react with violence, they won’t be arrested. Wade should make it fairly clear that this isn’t a terribly official operation.

The police use overwhelming force to keep the PCs in line, which should be easy as they vastly outnumber them (Wade, his partner Hibbs, and 8 officers). If they’ve found the weapons they load them into the police landspeeders and leave, otherwise they also take the bus with them. Any PCs attempting to follow the convoy must make a piloting (planetary) check at speed 2 with to represent the difficulty of not being spotted.

Police Landspeeder

Sil 2 Speed 4 Handling 0
No defense, no armor
HT 8
ST 8

Police Swoop

Sil 2 Speed 3 Handling 1
No defense, no armor
HT 2
ST 4

The vehicles are bound for a warehouse that distributes ship parts to various shops and garages around Coronet and Blue Sector, a front operation for the Killrellian gun running operation. The trip doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes. CorSec pull into the interior docks to quickly unload and leave without making their presence overly obvious. Bane himself is inside, ready to meet Wade and hand over 10,000 credits in a kickback for keeping his competition suppressed.

If the PCs don’t tail CorSec to the warehouse, there are a few ways they can get to the bottom of who is responsible:

  • Greasing a few palms at CorSec HQ would net them the information for a few hundred credits. The PCs could pass an Knowledge (Underworld) check to have knowledge of a few dirty cops that wouldn’t have a problem spilling the beans. Add a if Tex is helping. This only ties the action to the Killrellians, and they’d need to take care not to tip off Wade and risk increasing security in Act 2.
  • Accessing computers in CorSec HQ would require a Computers check and reveal nothing about their bust whatsoever. It would be as if it never happened. This is also the result of directly questioning anyone in CorSec, including Zolissa Halo (though she’d suspect if Wade is involved he must have been bribed by a gang to do it). rolled doing any of this would tip off Wade that the PCs are snooping around and haven’t taken the hint.
  • Breaking into CorSec HQ should be incredibly difficult, as it is crawling with lights, cameras, and CorSec officers 24/7. It’s a veritable fortress.
  • Asking around the rumor mill would require a streetwise check to reveal that the Killrellians had been bragging about how they were about to put Nisk out of business for a second time. causes the news of their snooping to leak back to Bane.

Once they know who took their goods, they need to figure out where they are held. Any number of checks can reveal information about the businesses owned by Bane, if the PCs go about it sensibly: A warehouse in Blue Sector that distributes vehicle parts, a dangerous cantina in a run-down area of Blue Sector, and… The Fel Swoop. Bane purchased the Fel Swoop just a few days before the show, quietly. Nisk had always dominated treasure ship row and other nicer areas of Coronet, and when Bane heard of Nisk’s plan it seemed like the perfect way to secure his territory. He kept current management in place, acquiring it quietly and only having a few of his goons hang out there for now. After this adventure, Bane will expand the Fel Swoop into a front for selling high-end custom weaponry to tourists.

It won’t take much investigation for the PCs to figure out the warehouse is the location they are looking for. An streetwise check made in the area of the warehouse will reveal that a convoy of CorSec vehicles rolled in and out the night in question. The cantina, should the players go there, is staffed by a handful of Killrellian enforcers and at least a dozen thugs that would be openly hostile if the PCs were to show up. Alternatively, Nisk could pass an Knowledge (Underworld) check to know that the warehouse is the only reasonable place for them to distribute weapons in bulk if that was what they intended to do with their cargo.

If the PCs are being absolute idiots, Seela can call them to check in and provide the information if they tell her what has gone wrong, though she’ll charge them an extra thousand credits as a consulting fee at the end of the adventure. Once the PCs know who took their shipment and where it is being held, it’s time to get it back!

Act Two – Vengeance

In this act, the PCs will have to figure out the security apparatus in place at the warehouse, create a plan for getting in and getting their stuff, as well as a plan for escaping with it.

Casing the Joint

The following is a basic outline of the warehouse:


Schematics & Interior Details

An appropriate knowledge checks, the PCs might think to get the schematics of the Warehouse from the company that built it. The PCs could dig around to find the company that built it, or pay someone in the right part of town 20 credits for the trouble of directing them to the construction guild known for putting up industrial buildings, a Drall-owned organization called Golden Hammer Builders. It is staffed by Drall engineers and Human labor. The PCs can pass a charm or deception check against the manager, Axel, if they have a decent story. He charges 500 credits to produce an accurate replica.

If the PCs can manage to con their way inside during business hours to take a look around, they can get an idea of the schematics of the inside of the building, which the GM will explain in words. They ain’t droids, they just have to remember if they don’t get it on paper!

Locations in the warehouse:


There is a reception desk just inside the office from the Foyer. During the day, the receptionist will tell guests to wait in the Foyer chairs until someone can be with them. If Norg himself isn’t there, whoever else is in the office treats the PCs with extreme suspicion, as they would anyone they don’t already know.


When Norg is in, he takes the largest (northernmost) of the three desks in the office. His computer has access to the security camera footage as well as detailed messages that would allow the PCs to easily interpret the goods logs and find their weapons, as well as alert them to the trackers on certain packages including theirs. It can be broken into with a computer check. His desk also has a skullduggery lock on it, and contains both an upgraded blaster pistol and a credit stick with 5,000 credits. The two other employee desks have computers with accounting records that can be accessed with a computers check. Several of the records have a star next to them in the accounting system. Checking messages on these machines reveals the stars to mean these goods have tracking devices installed on them. If the PCs access Norg’s machine, they’ll notice their goods item has a star on it. These are, in fact, the weapons shipments that are intermingled with the legitimate goods.


A simple room with some drinks machines and a seating area as well as a simple kitchen. Guards/employees hang out here when on break.

Order Processing and Packing

Includes a small supply chain area and a small shipping & receiving office, which also has goods manifests on the computers. An perception or computers check can get into the computers. Perception is due to someone putting their password on a notepad on the desk.


Northernmost has awning over it, has the clunker! The keys are in the vehicle, which the Killrellians plan on disposing of.


Storage area for hundreds of crates of parts. If the PCs search this area for their goods without any knowledge, they are in for hours of methodical searching. If they come with no idea of how to find their goods, they make a perception check. Otherwise they make a substantially easier check. / determines the time taken, appropriately.

Parking Lot

There is a guard booth right next to the main entrance, between the building and the shipping/receiving entrance gate. It is staffed throughout all shifts by a killrellian minion.

If the PCs think to use the dumpsters as a method for sneaking in and investigate, for a destiny point the garbage trucks will be coming the following morning to pick up trash. Roleplay appropriately if the PCs want to go this way.

Security Mechanisms

There are a variety of security mechanisms in place at the warehouse:

The Security Crew

A simple stakeout would allow the PCs to get a good idea of the size and makeup of the regular security and warehouse crews, who seem to cycle every 8 hours. The night crew is the largest security force, but they are also the only employees in the building at night as there is no worker shift from 10pm-6am. It is obvious to an observer that the brief periods in which the security forces are switching out are those in which the warehouse at large is least well guarded, but also during which the most active security are on-site should they be alerted. In addition, there is always a security guard at the booth near the shipping/receiving entrance.

The Grunts

The security grunts typically head to a local bar – the Drunken Drall – with their shifts each night, with the night shift heading there early in the morning. They take on the minion profile of killrellians. Unfortunately, the security grunts can only give the PCs the basics of their patrol routes, but have little power to do much more and convincing them to do something that might risk their livelihood would require a substantial amount of good roleplaying or bribery. Going about learning from them improperly could easily get back to the killrellians.

Shift Leaders

Security shift leaders take the enforcer profile, with a point in discipline as well. The night shift leader is Burr Naxis, who walks with a slight limp. He takes little care for his personal safety and can be tailed with Stealth vs Vigilance (). If he sees the PCs following him, he does nothing but grow suspicious and add to their next social check with him. After his shift, he usually heads to the Velvet Sapphire for a few hours of Sabbaac before going for some sleep. There are a few things explicitly specced out that the PCs can do: With a Charm check, he’ll open up, admitting that he guards some valuable stuff, and annoyed that his bosses won’t give him more men to do the job properly. They could convince him they are fellow security workers with an Deception check to gain to further social with him as they swap horror stories. In addition, should they insinuate in any way that his pay might not be as reliable as he thinks they could pass a Deception check. The effect is not obvious, but all guards suffer later if they are engaged.


Should the PCs gain access to the cameras inside, or otherwise scope out detailed security procedures (such as by bribing or charming security personnel as above), they learn the routes of the guards in the building. During the day, there is security at the docks and the guard booth. At night, the guard booth is still occupied and two men patrol the outside perimeter and docks while four more are inside along with their shift leader. At any time, two are in the lounge resting and keeping an eye on a datapad with camera feeds on it, swapping with another group every thirty minutes to make sure they are sharp. Therefore, there are at most two men and a leader in any one location at a time. However, any alert quickly gets everyone together, and after five minutes reinforcements will begin to arrive.

If the PCs have done any two or more things to alert the organization to their attempts (being suspicious at businesses they deal with, people who work there, being seen, etc), the warehouse will go on high alert. Bane had figured taking this stuff from Nisk would be a clear enough signal to fuck off, and won’t take a threat seriously unless given reason to believe he is trying to get his goods back. All guards will receive and double in number if on high alert.

Physical Security

At all times during operating hours a security guard is located at a gate near the shipping/receiving entrance. The whole complex is surrounded on all sides but the front by a fence. Getting through the fence unnoticed would take Skullduggery or Stealth checks, as appropriate to the method of getting through them chosen by the PCs. The front door is open during the day, but locked at night. The door is far more heavy-duty than it seems, and would take a skullduggery or mechanics check to get through when locked. Other doors inside and outside the facility may be locked as appropriate (particularly with a dark side destiny point), but are not as important to security and only have locks installed.

Cameras are installed inside and outside of the facility, and feed to a computer located in the office. The PCs would need to make perception checks to see the cameras in any room they have a view of, with if they don’t have a good view (for instance, if peeking through a doorway). Knowing the location of a camera provides to stealth checks to avoid being seen by them, which are outside and inside, due to the number of easy obstacles to hide around. If someone is actively watching the cameras and they fail, they immediately alert security. Otherwise, the Killrellians find out who took their goods when they notice them missing.

Tracking devices are installed on valuable illicit goods, and attached to PC’s goods if they take over a day to get to them. They can be detected with a perception check if the PCs look for it, and are attached just to the cases containing the goods rather than the goods themselves. Grant to this check if the PCs know what they are looking for, with failure meaning they don’t find it quickly and would need to try again with additional time.

Warehouse Employees

The warehouse employees hang out at a local bar – the Broken Stool. The PCs can learn this by asking around and paying someone 20 credits for the trouble or passing an easy streetwise check. The employees can’t tell the PCs much other than that they think something shady is going on with some packages they are asked to not open for inspection.

The manager of the warehouse is Norg. Running the operating arm of a criminal empire is taxing on his schedule, and as such it is quite tight. Most nights he sleeps at his apartment in Blue Sector, and during most days he is at the warehouse for both shifts. He also makes runs to Tyrena to deal with issues Groola might have, or to some of the shops/groups he does the most business with. If the PCs put in the effort, they may reveal a time during the day when Norg is absent. Norg instantly recognizes both Nisk or Viceroy if he sees them, kicking them out if they were in the warehouse and putting the guards on high alert.

In addition, two other office workers help him manage the business. If the PCs go after them, they can tell the PCs about detailed security plans if properly coerced or charmed. Alternatively, can buy drinks for for 25 credits or can be bribed more explicitly. Getting them to talk by charming them won’t be easy and suffers as they are too used to being bullshitted. They are some of the few who know what the warehouse is really used for and they know this knowledge is valuable. Outright bribery would cost over a thousand credits to make it work their while, though they aren’t very good at taking threats. That said, they’re more scared of their bosses than anything and will tell them that people matching the PC’s descriptions were asking around (though they’ll neglect to tell them how much they blabbed). Use the Corrupt Bureaucrat profile (CRB 408).

For an ample bribe (on the order of 1,000 or more credits) or some great role-playing, the PCs could get themselves hired in the warehouse. This only applies to PCs the killrellians might not know about directly. Viceroy is way too well known and the Killrellians all know Nisk. The others could try to get themselves hired as a driver or laborer, though even perfect role playing would have them start the day after being hired.

Gathering Intel and Supplies


Trucks come and go from the warehouse during the two regular shifts, equal amounts taking in goods as taking them out. The warehouse is fairly legitimate, if not as busy as one would expect for how much profit rolls in. If the PCs manage to get the shipping manifests from either bribing someone or hacking into the office computer, they can get a full listing of trucks coming in and out for the next few days. Once the PCs have access to the computer in the office, it wouldn’t be hard to find and swap their goods in for another pallet, particularly if that other one is a weapons shipment as well.

All outgoing gun shipments are accompanied by an enforcer and a minion to make deliveries. This is substantially less resistance than they’d otherwise face, if the PCs manage to find a way to get their guns on a truck and shipped out. All incoming shipments of any kind are immediately unloaded, then opened and put through sorting, cataloged in the computers and listed for sale.

There are two institutions that regularly send shipments to the warehouse and comprise the largest chunks of its business: The Corellian Shipyard Overflow Commission and a chop shop located in Blue Sector in a garage called The Sprightly Speeder, as well as several other locations that receive sizable, but more irregular shipments.

The Corellian Shipyard Overflow Commission

The largest source of legitimate goods into the warehouse, the Killrellians purchase used and refurbished parts by the truckload from the CSOC. They may learn about this by scoping the place out during the day and seeing the trucks come and go, properly questioning employees, or by digging into the computer records in the warehouse itself. The PCs, with some adequate Computers or social checks, figure out that the warehouse is owned by Duracrete Dynamics, and receives at least one truckload or more of goods per day. If the PCs dig in further they’ll find this business to be totally clean, because it is. This is the backbone of the legitimate part of Bane’s business and actually earns him some profit as a distributor.

Trucks leave the commission every day for the warehouse, and are driven by people who simply drive trucks for a living. They aren’t armed, and there is only one of them in each truck.

The Sprightly Speeder

Owned and operated by a gruff Trandoshan named Soos Ranerass. Soos runs a ‘garage’ in Blue Sector, the home of his little chop-shop gang. They buy cheap used parts off Duracrete Dynamics and replace customer’s good parts with them during repair. They are a small-time operation pulling the same cheap trick that Union Street does on starships. They also do some spice dealing on the side, and for both reasons require weapons to arm themselves. They order these from the Killrellians, and they get mixed into their parts shipments. If PCs are vigilant, they’ll notice that marked shipments are often sent there. The gang won’t take well to intruders not there to fall victim to their scam, and will resort to intimidation and force if the PCs don’t take the hint or come with a good cover story. Sneaking around inside would allow the PCs to find a Blaster Carbine on top of a recently received crate of parts, as well as a computer with messages from Soos to Burr Naxis discussing how six men isn’t enough for him to adequately guard this damn place, and that Bane is relying too much on the reputation of his gang’s ruthlessness for protection, calling him a cheap bastard.


There are various other shady places (mostly around Cornet) that receive infrequent goods shipments. In fact, there are hundreds of addresses that have only ever received a single shipment, and each of them is marked with a star. The warehouse does regular legitimate business with a few clients (the most stand out of which being Soos), which covers for the many, many smaller shipments they make as they run guns all over the city. These vary from paranoid businessmen to the Coronet mafia, and should the PCs think of someone interesting the warehouse may ship to… they do.

Arms Dealer

Ironically, the PCs may need an arms dealer. Given that the largest ones are their enemies, doing so will be difficult. If the PCs need restricted items, they can pass a charm, coercion, or streetwise check to earn the contact info of an operator from The Two. Nisk knows this world well, add if he makes the check. A 50 credit bribe lowers this difficulty by one. If they succeed, they gain access to a droid in a small office. He always has two minion groups of three smaller droids with him. He can sell them restricted items according to normal rarity rules, and reduces the rarity of all cybernetics or computers related items by 1.

Act Three – Escape!

Now that they have the goods, they need to get out and make the rendezvous with the Remnants

Get the Hell Out of There!

The PCs have created a gigantic and very public wave of destruction on the Killrellian warehouse. Police and Killrellians will be swarming in within a few rounds if they don’t get out of dodge. During the ensuing investigation, Zolissa Halo takes control from Wade Torkin much to his chagrin. If any illegal goods remain in the warehouse, CorSec will be harassing the Killrellians for awhile during the fallout. Dealing with CorSec will keep the killrellians from getting their revenge on the group for a few days while they sort things out and figure out what the fuck happened.

Once the PCs leave, they’ll need to take pains to avoid being tailed by the killrellians. As many as two landspeeders packed with an enforcer and 2-3 minions each can tail the PCs if they aren’t careful.

Remnant Rendezvous

A few days later, at Club Tails, their contact Torbock meets up with them to collect the goods. Assuming the PCs have them intact, he gladly pays them their 70,000 with a stupid smile. He is clearly not the brains of the operation. He also mentions that the group he is with is looking for more, if the PCs can get him some more heavy ordinance. In particular, more high explosives. Something they could use to level a building. They will pay big for whatever they can get, though Torbock will cagedly offer little more in the way of explanation.

What the Remnants really want is to hit an Imperial facility, one of many they’ve been harassing lately, but this time they want to take one out entirely. The plan involves sending a bunch of Burning Blades with the purchased blaster pistols in to harass and draw out guards, while some of the Remnant enforcers sneak in to plant explosives in the chaos. The Remnants have been doing more of this sort of thing lately, and the reason they are so desperate and willing to pay is that the other gun runners have cut them off. They literally have almost no other options, as no one is willing to withstand the potential wrath of the Imperials or CorSec if it was found that they supplied weapons to a group of terrorists/rebels. The PCs should be able to figure this out with some investigation, if they ask around in groups that deal in weapons.

All this means that the PCs will have to find a source of weaponry. Groola is one potential source of the goods, as he doesn’t much care who he supplies as long as it isn’t direct to consumer. This would mean a trip out to Groola’s place, and likely cementing a more structured deal with the Hutt if they want a price that is low. If they wish to purchase things one-off, the Hutt will not be interested but it wouldn’t be hard to find a source in the palace willing to sell at a markup. What the PCs want are Baradium charges. Four bombs of two charges each should be enough to bring down a building of the size Torbock roughly explained, if placed correctly. Best if they could do eight bombs instead of four. These ‘retail’ at 750, but the PCs will pay more if they aren’t buying in bulk along with other things from Groola.

If the PCs really don’t want to pay, these could be stolen from a variety of places…

If the PCs want a loan to increase their business with Groola even further or hire their own gang members, the Lucky Gentlemen could be convinced to grant them a loan, though Saandar may find a way to make a game of it. Perhaps spinning the Jubilee wheel to determine their interest rate (Result / 4).

The Future

If the PCs secure goods for Torbock, he’ll pay as much as 950 credits per Baradium charge, plus another 150 per unit if they are made into ready to plant bombs for them (each would require a Mechanics check). Failure on these checks will result in sub-optimal performance come the time of the explosion. If at least four successful bombs aren’t built, the building won’t go down and the PCs will have serious trouble getting more business (at least at these generous prices) from the Remnants in the future.

In addition, a few days after the PCs raided the Killrellians, Mar Rikil AKA Riki Riki will put on his own impromptu ‘show’ outside of club tails, with the crescendo moment of the show being an all-out attack on the club. It will be no secret that Bane Lora wants the PCs crushed, but the PCs have some time to prepare. The PCs will need to hire some serious muscle if they are to avoid losing the club almost entirely. Upgrades to the business’ defenses would be prudent as well. Security forces can be purchased in droid form following the many options for droids, or can be found in the hands of many mercenaries at the cost of 500-1000 credits per week depending on the quality of the soldier. Unless supplied with better arms, these soldiers take on the characteristics of Union Street minions.

The killrellian’s show creates a crowd much like theirs did, and the intention is very clear for several hours of setup and performance leading up to the attack. At the height of the show, two pyrotechnic tubes are turned towards the club and fired, taking out holes in the walls if they are not armored. The damage will take 10,000 credits to repair. The killrellians then proceed to attack with 2 enforcers, 3 groups of 3 minions, and ‘Snap’. They will proceed to do as much damage as they can, their goal to force Nisk to back off and go away rather than to take anything. Even if all the PCs fall, they all awaken in the rubble a few hours later. Snap will ensure no one important dies, particularly Tex. This is about sending a message, not getting the killrellians in any more trouble with CorSec than they are already in. He is aware that Tex is ex-CorSec, and wouldn’t kill another CorSec officer, even a former one. If Snap has any opportunity to take something from the PCs that would be damning of the killrellians in court, he does so.

From here, it’s up to the PCs to start building their business, making connections, and overall trying to grow their criminal empire. Further gigs will be booked through the Black Sun, events will unfold on and off screen, and adventure will abound!

Don't Call It A Scumback

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