Performances - Mechanics and More


Base pay for a tour show is 2,000 credits. In addition, PCs will get 250 credits per ‘prep point’ and 600 credits per ‘active point’ from their last two shows combined, representing their fame and renown. Negotiation can increase this number by 5% per made against the venue owner/booker. In addition, training/adding more performers can give a bonus if the performance group’s total (for PCs and NPCs) skills go over a 10, at a rate of 1,000 credits per point over 10. Appropriate skills are Charm for acts like singers or musicians or comedians, Cool for acts such as magicians or puppeteers, and Coordination for acts like dancers or jugglers.

Prep Points: Prep points are gained when the crew sets up the show, typically using a mechanics check. Two ‘points’ are gained from each difficulty upgrade given to the check (PCs choose the number of upgrades). Checks start at easy for 0 points. Additional points granted for each net success and subtracted for each net failure. Remember these are upgrades, which means any check other than a simple 0 point check will have at least one . Example: Mechanics with is 4 points for upgrades.

Active Points: Only PCs may attempt to generate active points during a performance. NPC charm. This is the appropriate check (see above) made against the crowd, with difficulty determined by the venue and circumstances. Net success adds points.

What Can Happen During Shows?

Always keep it interesting! These should not be roll-and-done encounters, there should be more meat to them. Here’s a sample of show-related goings-on to throw in, typically one per show:

Major Events – Not Finished Speccing Out
  • Police Raid
  • Rival Group and/or Terrorist Attack
  • Natural Disaster
Minor Events
  • Dead Crowd – Maybe they weren’t the act that was supposed to be on tonight, maybe the booking agent for the venue liked them much better than the locals. Either way, the active checks will be very difficult
  • Given the Wrong Stage Time – Add to the prep checks as the PCs arrive late and must scramble to set up
  • Truck/tour bus sabotaged/robed before/during performance – Equipment might be missing, damaged, or both. Likely culprits are a rival group or local hooligans/gangs
  • The opening act outperforms the PC performers, or is generally better liked by the crowd, who want his/her autograph worse than the PC’s after the show
Preparation Rolls

Preparations that cause / do the following:

Active Rolls

PC Performers doing active checks suffer the following effects on /. Always do more ‘social’ checks before the ‘physical’ ones if both are involved.

Performances - Mechanics and More

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